Wednesday, November 4, 2009

misleading educational advisor say what?

Dear Lisa D,

Two and a half years ago you (like a shark) convinced me to come to DeVry and get a SALES and Marketing degree. I agreed and proceeded to get A's in ALL of my SALES and Marketing classes. Today, you had the nerve to tell me that i do not have enough SALES experience to be an educational advisor at my own UNIVERSITY. Apparently, being there for more than two years is not enough to convince others to come to DeVry University. Neither is being continuously on the Deans list or being someone who tried other colleges before coming to DeVry. According to the (fucking boring and repetitive) personality tests that you made me take, I am not right for this position. Instead of following your (selfish) gut feeling, like an actual salesperson does, you decided to follow the test results.

I am writing to inform you that I have never, in all of my life, been so misrepresented by a test so bad that it would alter your decision in hiring me. Additionally, i have never been so lead on by a group of people who had convinced me otherwise that I would be perfect for this position. I LOVE how you had me come in for two (very long) interviews, had me meet a person from the location (who never went to DeVry to begin with) that i would be working with and sit in on a meeting (with two girls who kept fondling each other in front of you so professionally) to see what it was like to be part of the team. You really had me there I must say. it's too bad that you don't want me on your team. I have only worked well with others and have been a social butterfly by nature since birth. Too bad your stupid test did not see that one coming. Meeting me told you that one. Who cares about that part though? Tests matter more. Just cut out the one-on-one interview part. That doesn't matter at ALLLLL. Don't feel bad, they were both very pointless and time consuming just like getting my SALES and Marketing degree (according to you).

I hope that the person you hire instead of me is great (at sucking) and can give you more than what I can give you (poor results and no actual knowledge about DeVry University). I wish you and your team all the best (at rotting in hell) except Kris lol. I lover her.

Please do not hesitate to call me should another opportunity come by that I am best suited for. (In your eyes it will most likely be one to fill the position for FOOL IN A PADDED CELL.) Then, you can tell me why I would be great for that position too and then tell me that I am not a few days later. I look forward to another rejection call. Can I handle rejection well? Sure! What else can I LIE about??

Thank you for your time (and wasting my gas money that I will never get back bc i don't have a job).


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


                                                                     I tried to be like a model as much as possible LOL but i think one ended up being really creepy! As long as I know that I can be creepy once and a while, i'm good. MOVING ON: I look like a drag queen in person but i think i look okay (actually, i'm always fabulous but i NEVER wear this much make up). I'm not sure if it's really for a wedding but whatev..I can change it if I want to.



Edit: WHAT DID I DO??!!!!! Stupid me not knowing how to post pictures!
EDIT PART DEUX: What did i do to the words?? OH GOD!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I started a blog

hell yes.